Hope for the Scottish Wildcats


These magnificent creatures epitomise freedom, passion and independence. Bigger and more powerful than their domestic cousins, the “Highland Tiger”, scientific name Felis Sylvestris Grampia, are naturally shy and elusive.

It is staggering to know that there are only around 400 wildcats remaining in Scotland. They are Britain’s rarest wild mammal. The situation to save them is desperate.

The above video by Coffee Films Productions says it all, really.

The imminent threat that they could be wiped out within less than a decade is shocking, and made more real by the dilution between domestic and wildcats, accidents and disease.

There is hope. It was announced last month that the scientist Dr Bill Ritchie who was involved in cloning Dolly the sheep 15 years ago is working on a technique to clone Scottish Wildcats. This is breaking news, and promises a future for the preservation of these indomitable creatures. You can read more about this here: BBC News.